README: Registration Steps

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README: Registration Steps

Post by admin on Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:14 pm

Hello friends,

Welcome to The Confederacy clan's forum. This is a closed forum, so one can join after administrator grant only. The link of this forum is shared with the alliance members internally. If it was shared with you internally by your alliance leader, then you are eligible to join.


1. Register with a proper, in-use email ID. We may use it for future correspondence. User your in-game username (IGN) as your username here.

2. After successful registration, click on activation link in the email you receive.

3. Once activated, login to the forum -> click on "Usergroups" from navbar above to request access to your alliance group. This is approved by moderator.  If approval is pending for long, please IGM your alliance leader.

Post approval, you will have access to all relevant posts.

Note: The alliance leaders will be given moderation rights to manage the alliance's forum here.


1. Use formal and clear English.

2. Don't Spam.

3. Respect your allies, co-forumers, admin, and moderators.

4. Visit forum frequently and be an active participant. All discussions and decisions are made here, apart from emergency IGMs. So, you need to frequent this forum to be updated of all developments in your alliance.

5. Misconducts or other inappropriate behavior will lead to warning/banning.

Seeking your active participation. Click Here to register by accepting all rules and regulations mentioned in the present time or forthcoming.


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